Once again we were the company chosen for the renovation of a Vasco da Gama pastry shop in Coimbra. The design, construction of the entire interior and the manufacture of its components as well as the assembly of the entire space was entrusted to IW Interior Design.

Thus we began to be a serious success story among the catering sector. The numerous requests from the largest restaurant operators in Portugal have been synonymous with trust in IW, but above all the feedback we received from our work has been gratifying.

For those who do not know, we leave a small presentation of the Vasco da Gama Pastry.

With a family and artisanal structure, today has a chain of 11 establishments in the city of Coimbra, a production unit at the level of the best that exists in the sector, throughout the Community, not only for the size, and technologies used, but fundamentally, by the concept that encloses itself. The articulation between the Traditional / Portuguese Convent Pastry and Bakery, Chocolate, Ice Cream and Catering, which gives the project a singularity, increasingly justified in the light of safety and food hygiene concerns.

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