Snails with raisins, brioche muffins, sandwiches and salads with smoked salmon, cream cheese or tuna, there are also several varieties of bread, like regular baguettes, with sesame, poppy or olive seeds.

This is what you will enjoy on arriving or departing from Faro Airport at Pastelaria PAUL.

A space entirely manufactured and assembled by IW Interior Design, which in the meantime has brought more space to the PAUL brand.

The brand is over 125 years old and opened in Portugal the first pastry shop in Lisbon Airport and now in Faro. The pastry shop opened in 1889 in the north of France, near Lille.

In 1985, the brand began internationalization with the opening of the first store outside France – in Barcelona. It is present in more than 30 countries with over 500 connected oven shops and very attractive showcases.

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