IW Custom Kiosk 2317


Have you thought about having a custom kiosk, with everything ready and delivered by a single supplier?

This model – Penthouse Kiosk – can be adapted to your needs or manufactured according to presentation.

Remove your project from the paper. Make us contact.

The Penthouse Kiosk model is composed of refrigerated cabinets in stainless steel and tempered glass; refrigerated stainless steel bench and glass doors; neutral stainless steel bench with doors and drawers (all countertops with locks), drawer in stainless steel lees, stainless steel sink with faucet; pedal mixer and thermo-accumulator ..

40 x 40 mm tubular steel frame coated in zinc plating;

Exterior decoration with composite material (imitation wood) or Panel waterproofing finish with laminate;

Interior Decoration with lacquered sheet and false ceiling with panels 60 x 60 mm;

Cover with sandwich panels;

Microperforated Safety Shades;

Electrical installations, distribution panel, sockets, Lighting and LED;

Water and Sanitation Network;

Dimensions: 5 x 3 m – 3 m height;