IW Custom Kiosk 13315

The Viva Marios Kiosk model consists of refrigerated stainless steel windows and tempered flat glass; refrigerated stainless steel bench and glass doors; neutral stainless steel bench with doors and drawers (all countertops with locks), drawer in stainless steel lees, stainless steel sink with faucet; pedal mixer and thermo-accumulator.

Tubular steel stucture 40 x 40 mm;

Decoration in wood chipboard varnished;

Tops in Corian Deep Nocturne12 mm thickness, mirror finish;

Deck in metal structure, sea cladding and vinyl slip-on floor;

Electrical installations, distribution panel, sockets and LED lighting;

Water and Sanitation Network.

Dimensions: 3.3 x 3.3 m – 2.7 m height