It was another project that gave great pleasure to IW Interior Design, Kiosks and Commercial Spaces. It has appeared in numerous national and international publications and in their view leaves no one indifferent.

We speak of the Esplanade of the Cable Car in Vila Nova de Gaia, opened since August 1, 2016 and that leaves no one indifferent to who goes there.

Esplanade manufactured and assembled by IW.

We leave a NIT article that describes this place so simple and beautiful:

View over Porto is the best Vila Nova de Gaia has.
This is what some Portuenses say about the neighboring city, in a provocative tone.

We all know that this is not true, but there is an undeniable fact: the landscape provided by the enchanted houses, from the banks of the Douro to the Clérigos Tower, is impressive. In the new terrace of Gaia, you can enjoy it without obstacles and with the right to a unique sunset.

It has been open since last Monday, August 1. It was on the upper platform of the cable car, next to Jardim do Morro, which was born the Esplanada do Teleférico, a sub-concession that Nuno Vieira da Silva struggled to achieve, together with two partners. , Nuno Barbosa and chef António Costa.

In the previously empty space grew a structure of simple and minimalist lines: “The place is so idyllic that creating something with a lot of visual impact would be too much.”

Whether on the outdoor tables or behind the huge windows, the view is still and unperturbed. Potential customers are, unsurprisingly, the huge “groups of tourists passing by”, heading for the cable car, which is already one of the “big attractions” of the city.

To the traditional cafeteria offer, the Esplanada do Teleférico adds a set of snacks that goes from the traditional francesinha (12 €) to the gizzards (6 €), the nail on the plate (9 €) and sirloin steak (15 €) .

For now, you will not find more elaborate snacks than these in the letter, at least until the project moves into the space immediately below, which is part of the concession.

“Below is a floor that has the potential to be used as a restaurant, with more elaborate dishes. When we move forward, it may allow us to add other options to the esplanade chart ”, explains Nuno Vieira da Silva.

Order a glass of wine, a sparkling wine or a cocktail, sit back comfortably and enjoy the view – it’s priceless and is without a doubt the best choice you can make on the Esplanade.

Text: Daniel Vidal in NIT


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