IW Interior Design designed, built and built a custom kiosk inspired by the Madeira basket carts for the Oudinot Shopping Center.

At IW we do not fear challenges and innovation, in fact it is in the DNA of our company. Because we know and have the necessary know-how to design and build kiosks from scratch with all the specifics and equipment needed.

This was the project, inspired by Monte’s basket carts, which is the name given to a means of transport on the island of Madeira, in the city of Funchal on a descent from Monte to Livramento, where you travel two kilometers in ten minutes in a basket cart. Wicker mounted on wooden skates descending through a road called Train Track.

The end result is a uniquely designed cafeteria kiosk that leaves no one indifferent to visitors and customers of the Oudinot Commercial Space in Funchal.